Research and having the right people to help you are the keys when investing in property.

It definitely pays to do your homework on the property market before you dive in, and we’re thrilled to be on board to help you when it comes to financing your decision. Recent share market slides, tight rental markets in most capital cities and a whiff of increase in property prices are seeing many mum and dad investors retreat to bricks and mortar.

Generally, property in Australia is still considered to be a sound investment due to steady and consistent increases over time.

But it’s not a quick win. Property usually has a seven to ten-year cycle, with highs, lows and steady stints in between.

Here are few tips to help you find the right rental and reap the most rewards.

How Account(able) helps with property investment

Selecting a lender with the best offer

At Account(able) will help you with your search through multiple lenders to make sure you get the best possible deal.

The absolute maximum loan approval

At Account(able), we negotiate the absolute maximum possible loan approval to ensure you get the property you wanted.

Increase returns

Dealing with multiple lenders we will ensure we find you the lowest interest rates so you can get maximum property investment returns.

Structuring your loans the right way

To take away the stress from your ability to pay off the loan for any other property you own, at Account(able) will help you to structure your loan so you are able to repay it in the shortest time possible.

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